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5 CEO T O D A Y USA A W A R D S 2 0 2 1 CEO Today USA Awards 2021 Welcome to the 2021 edition of the CEO Today USA Awards. The CEO Today USA Awards celebrate the success, innovation and strategic vision of CEOs across a number of sectors and industries in the US. Each month, CEO Today Magazine interviews leading CEOs and discusses their business successes as well as the challenges they face. CEO Today Magazine is therefore ideally placed to identify the most successful, innovative and forward-thinking CEOs in business today. The CEO Today research team combines annual reader voting data with an in-depth sector-by-sector research process which to help recognise American and international CEOs who are leading in their respective sectors and beyond. This year’s CEOs of distinction include Kenneth Bateman, CEO of SoutheastHEALTH, who has tirelessly delivered quality medical service from the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic; and Jason Lee, whose work as head of DailyPay is overhauling the way Fortune 200 companies handle payroll. Other winners include the likes of Dennis Postema, founder of Postema Capital and Motivation and Success TV, whose coaching and inspirational services are creating a generation of successful business leaders. Exclusive interviews with each of these CEOs and more are included in this year’s edition. We explore the challenges that they have faced to attain their success today and hear their advice for up-and-coming business leaders aspiring to reach the same heights. At CEO Today, we are proud to present our 2021 USA Awards. Congratulations to all of our winners and finalists.

Featured Winners RJ Scaringe Rivian Jason Lee DailyPay, Inc. Charles Brown LifeLabs Dennis Postema Motivation and Success TV L. Pierre de Pfeiffer Frontier Nanosystems Vincent J. Delie , Jr. F.N.B. Corporation and First National Bank Clemens Pfeiffer Tier44 Technologies, Inc. Phil Ramsey Command Alkon Jessica Hawthorne- Castro Hawthorne Advertising Barbara Turner Ohio National Financial Services 8 10 14 18 24 26 28 30 32 22


Founder & CEO of Rivian About RJ Scaringe RJ Scaringe founded Rivian in 2009 to help accelerate the shift toward carbon neutrality. He believes the faster we transition to a planet powered by electrons, the better we can protect our one and only home for generations to come. Since starting Rivian from a clean sheet, he’s led the company to design its vertically integrated technology platforms, build multi-program manufacturing capabilities, develop meaningful partnerships and set forth a strategic vision that transcends the profound shifts we’ll see within the transportation industry over the next few decades. An engineer at heart, RJ has meticulously built a diverse team as obsessed with tackling hard problems as he is while fostering an environment that rewards courage, creativity and teamwork. He operates from the belief that the only way to build the kind of world our kids’ kids deserve is through collaboration, not only within organizations, but also across industries and society. Today, Rivian develops and manufactures electric vehicles for the consumer and commercial markets, charging infrastructure and energy technology. Rivian’s IPO was the largest worldwide in 2021 and the 12th largest in history. Rivian’s first consumer product, the R1T, was named MotorTrend’s Truck of the Year for 2022. Rivian is currently fulfilling Amazon’s order for 100,000 electric delivery vans—the largest single order for commercial EVs ever placed. To extend Rivian’s impact, RJ led the establishment of Forever. Its philanthropic mission is dedicated to addressing our planet’s climate crisis and preserving the critical biodiversity needed for our planet’s long-term survival. At its IPO, Rivian made nature a stakeholder in its success when the company contributed 1% of Rivian’s pre-IPO equity into Forever. RJ graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute before obtaining his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has three young children who continue to inspire his idealism and infinite sense of wonder. RJ Scaringe 9 California Firm Profile Rivian Automotive, Inc., is an American electric vehicle manufacturer and automotive technology and outdoor recreation company founded in 2009. Rivian produces an electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) and pickup truck on a “skateboard” platform that can support future vehicles or be adopted by other companies. An electric delivery van, the Rivian EDV, is also being produced. Rivian started deliveries of its R1T pickup truck in late 2021. The company plans to build an exclusive charging network in the United States and Canada by the end of 2023.

10 CEO of DailyPay, Inc. About Jason Lee Jason Lee is the CEO and Founder of DailyPay, a financial tech company offering companies and millions of employees access to their earned pay prior to payday. Jason is a groundbreaking leader who had the vision to help regular American workers achieve financial stability after realising that too many families struggle to make ends meet under the current payroll structure. In 2015, Lee translated his idea into reality by founding DailyPay. Within five years, Jason has led the company to become an award-winning, full service on-demand platform that partners with best-in-class organisations across the nation. He is a thought leader in the finance and on-demand pay space and has been featured in industry leading publications such as Forbes and The New York Times. Additionally, he was recently named the Gold Winner for “Innovator of the Year” for the 2020 CEO World Awards. DailyPay is a hypergrowth NY-based financial technology company that powers the gold standard on-demand pay service. The company partners with 80% of the Fortune 200 companies that offer on-demand pay, in just about every industry from restaurants to retail, to ensure that money is always in the right place at the right time for employers, merchants and employees. The DailyPay platform provides an advanced, accurate and frictionless pay experience, all of which can be adopted with ease and integrated seamlessly into any organisation’s tech stack. Forward-thinking companies across the US turn to DailyPay to help them build happier, more engaged workforces. Jason Lee NEW YORK

11 Company Profile CONTACT DETAILS Jason Lee Founder and CEO DailyPay Address: 55 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004 E: W: &

What was your motivation in co-founding DailyPay? In 2015, I was trying to order a pizza and saw that my favourite pizza chain was not on the online delivery service. So, I did some research and found that it was due to a payment timing issue – the same timing issue endemic to the American payroll cycle. When I looked across this entire landscape, here is what I saw. We have a pay system that revolves around the employer but completely ignores the needs of the employees. Those employees then seek highly inferior alternatives like payday loans to address the gaps caused by the system’s failure. Their financial health deteriorates, which hurts their families, society and, yes, their employers through higher turnover and absenteeism. We have employers who believe the only lever to pull when it comes to pay is rate. And so these observations led me to this question: What if we were to rebuild payroll from the ground up, but this time putting the employee at the centre of the system? And what if we built a completely outsourced solution so employers could preserve their existing processes? And that is when DailyPay was born in my basement in 2015. In November, DailyPay will be six years old. What key factors have driven its success since it launched in 2015? In 2016, we embarked on a mission to build a new financial system that starts working, the minute work starts. For too long, the way money moves has been controlled by a set of invisible rules – invisible rules that just make all of our lives harder. Rules that say that even if you work and earn every day, you still get only paid once every two weeks. Rules that prevent merchants from actually connecting with their shoppers at the right moment, when they actually want to buy something. Rules that decide who can and who cannot open up the best bank account for themselves. Rules that say you cannot save and invest before payday. We built a technology platform to reimagine the way money moves, and we launched it with on-demand pay and the concept of this simple but powerful thing we call the pay balance. Our first-of-its-kind technology platform combines a massive data network with tens of millions of nodes over six thousand connections with endpoints in the banking system, and a unique and proprietary funding model that results in a consumer knowing her pay balance – a balance like any other balance – which is your money. Usable, consumable, spendable, saveable. We see this as a win-win-win. We are creating this powerful technology platform. Employers using ODP are keeping employees as much as 72% longer and hiring 52% faster while employees are saving an average of $1,200 a year from avoiding overdraft fees, late fees and payday loans. How do you feel that DailyPay has changed the way payroll is handled since that time? The antiquated payroll system is an outdated relic of the past. We are living in a digital, contactless world where you can access almost anything you want at the touch of a button, and millions of our users have come to rely on easy access to their money as they earn it. DailyPay is building a financial system that starts working the minute work starts. With DailyPay, employees now have complete control and access over their earned pay. DailyPay enables employees to have 24/7/365 access to their money. No longer do they need to wait on their companies to run payroll. Now they can view their pay balance in real-time, so they can budget, pay bills and save at the click of a button. For employers, it is a solution that comes with no payroll change or costs. What would you consider to be the biggest achievements of your career to date? Seeing the life-changing impact DailyPay has on millions of individuals and families excites and motivates me to work every day. One of my greatest joys is reading testimonials of our users who share how DailyPay helps them take care of everything from diapers to groceries to starting a savings account. I started DailyPay after seeing the negative impacts of a broken financial NEW YORK

system and the need for American workers to have access to their money. At DailyPay, we built a financial technology platform that reimagines the way money moves and works for everyone. Employees are able to track and access their earned pay and achieve financial wellness for themselves and their families. Today, DailyPay provides tailored solutions to hundreds of leading companies and has helped free millions of employees from predatory financial products. What crucial advice would you give to an aspiring CEO looking to start out in the financial services sector? Pay close attention to your data and metrics. It is a simple rule that gets easily overlooked. No matter how well thought out an idea is, if your data cannot support it, you need to scratch it. I have seen many young CEOs who are driven by passion but neglect the numbers and statistics. It is a costly mistake that can have rippling effects, impacting your employees all the way to your business’s reputation. Do you foresee any significant new trends coming to fintech in 2021/22? With the post pandemic world transforming the workplace and businesses struggling to rehire workers, we can expect more companies seeking and opting in for an on-demand pay solution. With a growing demand for a daily pay platform, an influx of new providers will likely appear even in the next year or so. When DailyPay was first founded, there was only one other player in the market. Now, there are over 40 and counting. With the acceleration of digitisation in the workforce, employers and employees will heavily rely on on-demand payment technologies, opening new avenues for technological expansion. In addition to our current relations with employers and employees, we expect to broaden our reach and form relations with vendors and merchants. Once on-demand pay becomes mainstream, individuals will want to use it more regularly, whether it is directly paying for items via the app or in other ways. At DailyPay, we are ready to accommodate those transactions and facilitate financial fluidity to benefit everyone. Are you currently working on any major projects? I co-founded The Alicia and Jason Lee Foundation with my wife, Alicia, in 2020. Over the past two years, we have actively supported a wide range of philanthropic endeavours relating to criminal justice reform, financial literacy, and community initiatives. Can you tell us anything about your goals for DailyPay for the next 12 months? We just announced that we have secured $500 million of capital – $175 million of equity from our Series D fundraising round and $325 million of debt. We intend to invest our newly raised capital in new product and market opportunities for our industry-leading technology platform, in addition to extending our market leadership position in ondemand pay among the largest employers in the world. The initial application of our first-ofits-kind technology platform was to redefine how money moves between employers and their employees. We are now expanding our platform to change the relationship between merchants and their shoppers, as well as financial institutions and their customers. NEW YORK


15 is continuing to shape the future of healthcare, and I am thrilled that our organization is at the forefront of being able to support individuals and the wider community with health insight, support, and care. LifeLabs boasts a team with diverse backgrounds and expertise. How do you cultivate an environment that keeps them motivated and ensures inclusivity? Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is at the heart of everything we do at LifeLabs. We want to make sure that our employees feel safe and empowered to bring their whole selves to work. Our DEI program (Stronger Together @ LifeLabs) is grounded in our vision of ensuring all individuals feel accepted, respected, and valued at LifeLabs, especially those from equity-deserving groups. While I recognize that we still have a lot of work to do, we have partnered with several external partners to identify and solve current service gaps and challenges. I am very proud that for two consecutive years, we have been Mr. Brown, could you begin by sharing a brief overview of your professional journey leading up to your role as CEO of LifeLabs? I have more than 25 years of experience as an innovative technology leader, from entrepreneurial start-ups to large corporate entities. Grounded in practicality and strategy, I take a straightforward, calm and positive approach to innovate and implement new concepts for startups (ClearNet, WaveRider/WaveWireless), or successfully revive challenged organizations and reinvigorate corporate culture (The Source, LifeLabs). Using an open, informal and forthright communication style, I am proud to have built successful, high-performing teams who have eliminated obstacles and have driven profitability across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, retail and healthcare. In my previous role as President of The Source, my team and I significantly transformed operations and deliverables to drive exponential increases in shareholder value. In my current role as President and CEO of LifeLabs Medical Laboratory, I am committed to the optimization of service delivery so we can deliver better outcomes for patients and medical professionals. I believe in giving back, and have participated on various boards and executive committees. As the former Chair of Kids Help Phone, we launched a transformative, multi-modal platform delivery system to include confidential calls, texts and chat to support the emotional and health needs of young people across Canada. What inspired you to pursue a career in the healthcare and diagnostics industry? I have always been passionate about how technology is rooted in the customer experience. My career at LifeLabs has allowed me to combine my skills from the technology and retail industries to drive innovation and develop creative approaches in healthcare and diagnostics. I am also proud to be part of an industry that has such potential to help people feel their best. It is exciting to see how technology President and CEO of LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Charles Brown

named one of Canada’s Best Employers for Diversity by Forbes, and the only organization to be honoured in the category of Health Care Equipment & Services. How would you describe your leadership style, and how has it evolved since you took the helm at LifeLabs? As a leader, I believe in constantly learning from those around me. I work with a dedicated, engaged, and caring team that inspires me every day. It is important to me to create a culture of open dialogue as I value the input and ideas that are shared with me. My role is to empower my leadership team and keep things moving by removing barriers and getting out of their way. I trust my team and it is incredibly rewarding to see them thrive after giving them the space and support they need. I firmly believe that strong leaders motivate their teams and one of my greatest passions is supporting leaders as they evolve into more confident, agile, and determined versions of themselves. For our readers who might need to become more familiar, please describe the mission and core services of LifeLabs and how you serve the Canadian public. LifeLabs is a 100% Canadian-owned company that has been serving the healthcare needs of Canadians for more than 50 years. Each year, LifeLabs performs approximately 120 million laboratory tests to help diagnose, treat, monitor and prevent diseases for Canadians. The customer is at the centre of everything we do and we are committed to empowering healthier lives of Canadians. Our customers count on us to provide accurate, timely, and informative results. This motivates us every day to deliver the high quality, accurate service our customers depend on that also fuels our culture of continuous improvement so we can achieve excellence. How does LifeLabs differentiate itself in Canada’s competitive landscape of medical diagnostic services? LifeLabs’ core mission is to be a valued healthcare partner for Canadians, providing reliable service and trusted results. We are focused on empowering the healthier version of the lives of Canadians. We want to make diagnostic insights accessible, so our customers are empowered to make choices to live their best lives. Our team steps up when needed, especially in the face of urgent public health care crises. When COVID-19 impacted the lives of Canadians and the global economy, we were able to continue to provide essential services to our customers, clients, and partners. We worked closely with our government partners, making crucial investments to help maintain lab diagnostic testing services and ensured critical testing was available to support healthcare. I am also proud to share that we are involved with several incredible organizations in communities across Canada. Our employees are engaged and regularly donate, fundraise, or volunteer for Canadian Registered Charities or Non-Profit Organizations. We also focus our impact on sustainability. We know the health of our planet is closely linked to the health

of our customers and communities. Together our teams are relentlessly pursuing opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint and build a sustainable business that will benefit our communities today and well into the future. What were the most significant milestones for LifeLabs under your leadership? For me, the most significant milestone in my career was working through the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, we worked with our government partners to complete over 4 million COVID-19 molecular tests and helped reopen borders and offices by assisting with the screening of COVID-19 symptoms for travelers and employees. In addition, we launched a COVID-19 Home Collection Kit service in BC, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon, and rolled out new digital tools, such as MyVisit, to support home care service for customers in Ontario, improving the appointment booking experience. Aside from the incredible work that stemmed from COVID-19, I am also proud that LifeLabs has been recognized for its culture being named one of Canada’s Best Employers and one of Canada’s Best Employers for Diversity by Forbes, along with receiving the Workplace Benefit Award for Effective Mental Health Programs for delivering creative and effective mental health initiatives to support the psychological well-being of our employees, and an Environmental Excellence Award by Practice Greenhealth. The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, and LifeLabs has innovated in recent years regarding HVC technology and genetic testing. Where do you see the next technological quantum leap coming from? At LifeLabs, we are constantly seeking opportunities to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare needs of Canadians. I believe that customers are at the heart of innovation as they seek greater understanding of their test results and look to make more informed decisions to guide their healthcare journey. From a personal lens, I am incredibly proud of the innovation that has stemmed from partnerships within the community. We recently partnered with the Stellat’en First Nation, Village of Fraser Lake, the First Nations Health Authority (FHNA), the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc), University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) to investigate how drone technology can be used to improve healthcare for rural and remote First Nations communities. New technologies such as drones can present opportunities to deliver health services closer to home, improving accessibility to certain medical support for people in remote and rural communities. Lastly, where do you see LifeLabs in the next 5-10 years regarding innovation, expansion, and service offerings? I am excited about many of the advancements that are coming to healthcare and lab diagnostics. As technology becomes more accessible to our industry, we are being given the opportunity to take on new challenges and think outside the box. I believe that this will enable greater personalization in healthcare that only further drives our customer-centric focus. This momentum of change will continue to push innovation and technology forward for healthcare and I know that myself and the team at LifeLabs will be at the forefront of this exciting digital shift.


19 Founder of Motivation and Success TV About Dennis Postema Dennis M. Postema, RFC, is an international number-one bestselling author who has written more than 16 books. A sought-after wealth and performance coach, Dennis is also a motivational speaker and the founder of more than a dozen successful businesses. Over the past 17 years, Dennis has worked with renowned motivational and self-help industry heavyweights, including Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. He has taught and coached clients, mentees, agents, and associates to find motivation and overcome psychological barriers to achieve success in all areas of their lives. Today, Dennis focuses on delivering his unique perspective to a larger audience through his two television networks, Motivation and Success TV and 2Inspire TV, and the magazines SHOTCALLERS and 2Inspire. Dennis Postema MISSOURI E:

Please tell us a little about your magazines. When you have spoken to enough entrepreneurs, one lesson you quickly learn is that every business owner — no matter their industry, revenue, or level of expertise — has both triumphs and failures. They have areas they struggle with and areas they excel in— but maybe they do not know how to direct that success in a professionally beneficial way. SHOTCALLERS gives readers an up-close and personal glimpse at the grit, perseverance and humility that makes an entrepreneur successful. It also provides articles to help business owners and professionals better market, manage employees, create content, deal with customers and build their business. My second magazine, 2Inspire, is driven by my personal battles with tragedies and health issues that I have overcome to maintain my fitness and become a certified personal trainer and health coach. I am in a unique position to truly understand the effort that goes into fitness and the struggles that many people face daily. It does not matter where you are on your fitness journey, whether your goal is weight loss, reducing run time, increasing strength, or making exercise a regular part of your routine. 2Inspire delivers the most up-to-date, motivational, and exciting fitness and health information to readers of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Each month, it features actionable tips, education, and inspiration for those who are just getting started on their fitness journey and those who are farther down the path of physical wellness. With two already-popular magazines, what made you decide to expand into television networks? Throughout this pandemic, study after study has found 50% or more of participants reporting increased feelings of loneliness. As much as the pandemic closed off some of our opportunities to see friends and loved ones, I found that it actually pushed me to find other ways to make connections. In doing so, I met so many new people and tapped into an incredible wealth of positivity. It was so exciting, I almost felt guilty because every day I met all these inspirational people who were just amazing and I came home completely fulfilled. I would talk to all these entrepreneurs and become a part of all the positive impacts they were making and think, “Sure, I was able to go out and find this. But can everyone? What if they did not have to?” I feel like there is such a positive shift right now in people being receptive to and seeking out motivational resources in different mediums. With television, you get to invite these motivational, smart, creative people into your home. The networks give viewers total control to get information at their pace and ensure a positive message and mentorship are delivered directly to them. You mention mentorship— is that what you see as the purpose of the magazines and networks? I do! I started in business at age 20 and advanced very quickly because I had great mentors. I was so young, I had no idea what I was doing, and one of my mentors helped me understand that I needed to set goalposts for where I wanted to end up. He helped me to consistently get out of my comfort zone and pushed me to keep reaching my goals. But when I had eventually risen to his level, I knew it was time to get a mentor who had done even more. But how do you do that? If your goal is to be the next Steve Jobs, you need to be mentored by Steve Jobs. The only practical way to do that is to absorb the information he freely put out there— in interviews, speaking engagements and books – and let that mentor you. Today, we can all go online and essentially get mentoring from anyone we want simply by consuming the content they put out there. Motivation and Success TV and 2Inspire TV aggregate the content so you can tune into dozens of successful entrepreneurs and fitness experts that are eager to guide you to your next milestone. What motivated you to branch out into sectors as diverse as accounting, nutrition, retirement services and motivation? My chosen career is in financial services. I have been servicing clients in the financial sector for almost two decades. Over time, I have learned just how intertwined people’s financial success is with their physical success, attitudes and philosophies. When I experienced my own health problems, I distinctly saw the difference that a positive attitude and a healthy approach to eating and exercising can make— and it makes that difference in everyone’s lives. I had a client who had inherited acres of land worth millions several years ago. Today, he looks 15 years older than he should. His health is horrible. He is in his fifties and he works for fun. He invests no time or money in his health. He could afford to have a chef prepare the most amazing, healthy meals for him. He could create an extensive home gym and work out every day. He could be living his actual best life, but he does not, and his health and happiness pay the price. Everything in your life is related to your health and attitude. You would not ignore your business and expect to get the most out of it, and you cannot ignore your health or attitude and expect to get the most out of life. What are the greatest challenges you’ve faced while establishing the networks and magazines? Non-validation. We are all surrounded by people telling us no, that we cannot do it. My challenge was to turn that energy around and use it in the right way to drive me. This is something I have to do constantly in my life. Every time I have surgery and the doctor says, “You cannot work out for a few weeks or months,” that is when I want to work out the most. Something in my mind just clicks and I think, “Oh yes, I can!” When I created the magazines and the networks, I simply decided what I wanted to do and then ignored any naysayers and started MISSOURI

focusing on that straight line to go get what I’d set my mind on. What common themes have you noticed in the advice given in all of this motivational content, whether it is personal, business or fitness? There are a few things. First, if you are not growing, you are dying. That is true in every aspect. Even with my own coaching clients, I am always asking, “What have you done this week to get out of your comfort zone?” If the answer is nothing, that means they are staying the same person as they were. Another common theme is that you have to decide what works for you. You know, I have written books on keto, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and other fitness topics. I have touched on vegetarianism and so much more, rather than focusing entirely on one way of eating. I do this because not everyone has the same experience or results when doing one specific diet. And if you have ever seen someone go through health issues, you know that they have to figure out their unique way to get the results they want. It is all about trying different things and finding motivating approaches that work for you— in all areas of your life. Whether you want to improve your performance, relationships, business, or wealth, you need a customised approach that works for you. The third common theme is to put a plan together and stick to it. No matter what the plan is, it is all about consistency. If I want to get a workout in, I have to go in the mornings before work. I know that because that is what works for me. But once I discovered that, it was vital that I put a plan in place to consistently go in the morning. So I have my workout gear right next to the bed, I get up early and I automatically get dressed and go straight to the gym. How do you balance it all? Being a hard worker and having endless drive can be both a blessing and a curse if you do not balance it with living a happy and fulfilling life. People always say they want to be successful and have this crazy upward professional trajectory, but they find that managing everything trips them up. It is really about being present in this limitless world. A few years ago, my wife and I went on vacation to Disney and I lost my phone. Disney has a rule that if you lose something and do not get it back within three days, just forget it. This is tough when the loss is your cell phone, which I am always using (vacation or not) to check work emails and texts. So I had my wife send texts from her phone to the office and others saying, “If you need anything, text me.” For the rest of the trip, I had no cell phone in my hand. It had been a long time since I hadn’t had my cell phone within reach, so it was a revelatory experience. Dinner was different, the shuttle ride was different, everything changed. I noticed my surroundings, had more faceto-face conversations and was way more present—and nothing in my career suffered. So being present— taking time for your friends and family and yourself— none of that is going to stop your goals from being realised. It is not even so much about balancing these things as it is about trusting the universe to provide everything you need. In the motivational speaking space, one of our primary goals is to teach people that we really do live in a limitless world and to help them understand that they literally have no idea what they are ultimately capable of. In order to deliver that message, we have to first believe it. So I do not ask myself “how” I am going to manage something. I simply know that I can and then get moving! MISSOURI

23 Company Profile 23 CEO of Frontier Nanosystems About L. Pierre de Pfeiffer L. Pierre de Rochemont has over 85 U.S. and global patents that define innovative commercial applications of Big Nano and other higher value products enabled by ultra-high performance materials. He was born in New York City, NY, where he spent his formative years, before relocating with his family to Montreal, Canada. He earned his B.Sc. (Physics) / M.Eng. (Electrical) degrees from McGill University after successfully completing the Advanced Placement Math & Physics program at Dartmouth College. Along his life path Mr. de Rochemont’s business worldview was shaped by mentors that included: Emmett Murtha, the former IBM Director of Business Development and Licensing, who architected the Sematech semiconductor consortium, worked with Intel Corporation’s founders Andy Grove and Gordon Moore to make the Intel microprocessor the IBM standard, and negotiated the MS DOS license; Mark Melliar-Smith, a former CTO for Lucent/AT&T Bell Labs advised him in 2004/2005 that he “faced very tough sledding ahead” due to the fact U.S. financial institutions had completely shut off capital financing in his field, his counsel transformed Pierre from a technologist into an industrialist keenly focused on developing only technologies that resolved major macroeconomic problems; Keith Moe, the former 3M, Senior Executive Vice President of Operations, Electronics and Telecommunications Group credited with saving 3M when it went into a tailspin in the mid-1990s. About Frontier NanoSystems Frontier NanoSystems proposes to redirect the flow of $1.7trn in global commerce by systematically re-engineering the microelectronics industry for higher End-User value and Producer profitability. The company is commercializing an advanced manufacturing process validated in three U.S. National Laboratories for its ability to produce ultra-high performance materials at commercially viable production rates. This new technology platform enabled Pierre de Rochemont and his team to address functional design limits within every electrical component, electronic system & subsystem and remove major performance limitations responsible for fully commoditizing an industry that touches nearly every human being and forms the backbone of their commercial interactions. Substituting suboptimal materials with optimal physical properties enables Frontier NanoSystems to physically restructure the industry that forms the fabric of commerce. Frontier NanoSystems adapted the core technology to create a new phase of matter it calls Big Nano that endows arbitrarily large material bodies with exotic quantum properties that previously were observable only in materials confined to the imperceptible volume of a nanoparticle. Integrating Big Nano into higher value products enables Frontier NanoSystems to access the quantum realm and restructure industry for higher End-User value and Producer profitability. Big Nano integrated on semiconductor eliminates the need for printed circuit boards, thereby allowing a microelectronic system to operate at the intrinsic speed of its semiconductor chips. Engineering synchronicity between intrinsic chip speed and system clock speed is groundbreaking. “This disconnect is the single biggest hindrance affecting production costs and quality constraints that impact End-User operational profits or value,” according to de Rochemont. “Unlocking the bottleneck enables new designs that shrink a computer from the volume of a slot in a server rack to the size of a credit card, while cutting power consumption by orders of magnitude.” During its period of silent running the company shunned public notice. As its technology assets secured public standing, Frontier NanoSystems received unsolicited recognition as a Red Herring Top 100 Most Disruptive Technology Company in North America (2016) and Globally (2016 and 2018), a Young Startups Top 50 Innovator for Clean Tech and Mobility (2017), a Top 20 Semiconductor Solutions Provider by CIO Review (2018), and the 2020 Company of the Year in the field of Nanotechnology by Enterprise Technology Review. L. Pierre de Pfeiffer TEXAS

24 CEO of F.N.B. Corporation and First National Bank About Vincent J. Delie, Jr. Vincent J. Delie, Jr. is Chairman, President and CEO of F.N.B. Corporation and First National Bank (FNB). FNB is one of the 50 largest bank holding companies in the United States. After joining FNB in 2005, Delie assumed a variety of company wide executive leadership roles beginning in 2008. He became President of First National Bank in 2009 and subsequently was promoted to its CEO. He was named President of F.N.B. Corporation in 2011, was elected as CEO and joined the Board of Directors in 2012. In 2017, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of F.N.B. Corporation and First National Bank. Delie also chairs the Board’s executive committee. Delie has led FNB to execute on its organic growth and expansion strategy. In addition to completing 15 acquisitions, the Company has substantially built out its digital platform and significantly expanded its product capabilities. During his tenure, FNB has more than tripled its market capitalization, added multiple markets to its geographic footprint, which now spans seven states and Washington, D.C., and produced sustained revenue growth and expanded profitability. With broad-based financial services experience, Delie previously served as Executive Vice President of Corporate Banking at National City Bank. Throughout his career, he has held various roles in areas including capital markets, investment banking, credit risk, wealth management, insurance and retail banking. He earned a degree in Business Administration and Finance from the Smeal College of Business at The Pennsylvania State University and currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the United Way of Allegheny County, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, Team Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation. He also is involved in the American Bankers Association and Pennsylvania and West Virginia Bankers Associations. Delie has received a number of honors, including the Industrialist of the Year Award (Society of Industrial and Office Realtors®), the Adam Smith Distinguished Leadership Award (EconomicsPennsylvania) and the John V. Heher Humanitarian Award (National Kidney Foundation). He has been named to several leadership lists, including the Pittsburgh Business Times’ Power 100 and Pennsylvania Business Central’s ranking of the Top 100 People. Under Delie’s leadership, FNB has won more than 65 Greenwich Excellence and Best Brand Awards and received more than 30 national and regional honors as a top workplace — including a Leadership award for Delie based on standout scores from employees (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Top Workplaces). FNB additionally was named one of the 2021 World’s Best Banks by Forbes, which also highlighted FNB as the only bank on a list of companies putting people above profits during COVID-19. About FNB FNB has always believed that its success is linked to the success of its clients and the communities it serves. This philosophy has benefitted the Company and its constituents and is built on long-lasting customer relationships based on integrity and trust. From its roots as a largely rural bank, Delie has led the Company’s evolution as a premier financial institution, with approximately $41 billion in pro-forma assets, including the pending merger with Howard Bancorp, Inc. in Maryland. FNB and its affiliates provide a full range of products and services, including commercial and consumer banking, trust, wealth management, insurance and brokerage, as well as an award-winning digital strategy that is highlighted by its online and mobile banking capabilities. FNB’s successful growth has been made possible by its most valuable resource — its employees. A strong culture provides opportunities for employees to better serve their customers, grow their careers and give back to the communities they call home. Throughout its journey, FNB has remained steadfast in its commitment to provide superior service and do what’s right— leaning into its values and focus on innovation and inclusion to deliver positive financial results, a differentiated customer experience and sustainable value for its shareholders. Vincent J. Delie, Jr. PENNSYLVANIA

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26 CEO of Tier44 Technologies, Inc. About Clemens Pfeiffer Clemens Pfeiffer is the President and CEO/CTO of Tier44. He started his professional career at Hewlett-Packard in Germany, first in a central European support role and later in a more proactive consulting role for compiler and database technologies. Subsequently, his role expanded to workflow and business process automation technologies helping multi-national corporations with enterprise business process reengineering initiatives and implementation technologies. After leaving HP, Clemens started his first company and created a business process automation platform and web-based application environment. In 2007, he co-founded Power Assure as CTO, utilizing the automation technology for energy management of data centers, demonstrating power consumption reduction by over 50% for large-scale loadbalanced application environments. In 2014, Clemens started Tier44 Technologies, acquired all intellectual property, patents, software, and most assets from Power Assure, taking the technology to the ServiceNow ecosystem by building a data center management solution on the ServiceNow platform. About Tier44 Tier44 Technologies is a Premier ServiceNow Technology Partner and leading developer of Data Center Management solutions on ServiceNow for large enterprises, government agencies, and managed service providers. Tier44 was started in 2014 to capitalize on existing intellectual property and patents by a team experienced with data centers and their operating procedures, leveraging the success of ServiceNow and its solution as the cloud-based IT Service and Operations Management platform of choice. With over 6,200 organizations worldwide using ServiceNow for their digital transformation by re-platforming more and more workflows onto the ServiceNow platform, its now time to also include data center management related workflows. Tier44 calls this “making data center work flow”, enabling digital workflows to increase resilience, optimize the use of data center assets, and enhance employee productivity as it relates to managing the data centers and their content. Everyone using ServiceNow has seen new features and functionality release over release. Modules like Asset Management, Service Management, Incident/Problem/Change, Operations Management, Event Management, Discovery, Workflow and others are all features provided by ServiceNow. While generic in nature, Tier44 uses them as building blocks to a full data center management solution, covering everything from capacity planning, procurement, installation to operating and decommissioning equipment in a data center. As with any platform and a set of generic features there is also a need for domain experts to take the generic features, create standard operating procedures, best practices and add-on application modules to further enhance the value towards a specific business purpose. This is what Tier44 is providing. Certified applications on the ServiceNow application store and some professional services providing best practices to setup data center management related workflows. Tier44 also works with ServiceNow implementation partners leveraging the Tier44 applications, intellectual property, patents and technology. The benefit for organizations is huge, first in terms of functionality and second in terms of cost compared to other standalone DCIM solutions. The reason being that a lot of the traditional DCIM functionality is already available as part of the ServiceNow platform and can be used for data center management purposes as well. Additionally the user experience is much better as all of the tasks, tickets and events are now in a single platform irrespective of their source being data center related, laptop related, new hire related or related to any other business purpose organizations put into ServiceNow. Furthermore, there is no need for any integration, no data replication with another DCIM solution, its all in ServiceNow, meaning what you see in ServiceNow is what you have. Today, Tier44’s main application is adding graphical visualization of data center racks, floor plans, and buildings to ServiceNow, along with capacity aggregation and planning workflows for space, power, and network capacity. Additional applications, leveraging the main application, extend this further with data center specific capabilities like monitoring the IT and Facility infrastructure of a data center, integrating results with ServiceNow event and incident management. Clemens Pfeiffer TEXAS

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28 CEO of Command Alkon Company Profile Command Alkon: Unmatched Industry Knowledge, Commitment to Innovation, and Proven Strategy Command Alkon is one of the most prominent software and technology innovators for the construction materials supply chain. Command Alkon’s production and dispatch products, combined with its GPS/telematics and transportation and real time process control capabilities are making the Amazon experience a reality where the clients are provided with end-to-end digital experiences that provide insights into their bottom line. Companies leveraging Command Alkon’s industry-specific product portfolio are gaining double-digit percentage growth in performance. Furthermore, Command Alkon’s solutions promote sustainable construction by enabling users to reduce waste, reduce time spent on non-productive tasks, reuse concrete, and reduce carbon emissions. The company’s financial partner, Thoma Bravo, has a proven track record in guiding supply chain technology providers to becoming the best that they can be. Leveraging this expertise helps Command Alkon to deliver the best possible tools and services to the industry. With Thoma Bravo’s guidance, the company has announced the acquisition of Trimble Construction Logistics, Libra Systems, and Ruckit. These partnerships combine years of industry experience and market-leading technologies that allow Command Alkon to deliver a more comprehensive and integrated toolset to the industry. Phil Ramsey serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Command Alkon. Phil has been in the industry since 1980, serving as a thought leader and innovation-driver, and leading the company to create technology solutions that improve processes and cut costs. He joined Command Alkon in 1991 and has held several positions, including Vice President of Operations, Vice President of International Operations, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, and Senior Vice President of Software Business Unit and Sales & Marketing. Phil Ramsey Contact Information ALABAMA

29 For many years, Command Alkon has focused on helping customers operate and increase efficiencies within their own walls. The company now focuses on helping clients and the industry to grow and to be more productive through technologies and digital tools that equip all players with visibility into their supply chain and supports trading partner collaboration. The industry is forecasted to double the number of buildings globally by 2060. For the next 40 years, the construction industry will essentially be building a New York City every month. However, current practices riddled with complex, manual processes will not meet the need. Eighty percent of construction projects are late, while 40% are over budget. Other industries like manufacturing and the general US economy have made 2 times 2X gains in the last 20 years, whereas construction has remained flat because only 1.4% of revenues are invested in information technology. As construction in the US is a $1.27 trillion annual business, a very modest 3% productivity gain would translate into an industry-created $40B stimulus package. These unlocked resources could build over 2,500 new elementary schools each year or be invested in other US infrastructure projects like thousands of miles of new 4-lane highway, or tens of thousands of Interstate roads being resurfaced. With an open industry collaboration platform, Command Alkon plans to reinvent the construction industry by bridging the technology gap. The CONNEX Platform is a cloud-based hub leveraging Command Alkon solutions, as well as other software vendors, to facilitate collaboration between partners in the construction materials world, including materials suppliers, haulers, producers, various types of contractors, brokers, DOTs, and more. Command Alkon today has a wide variety of cloud-based and on-premise solutions. Building on these traditional product offerings, the company’s latest CONNEX platform expands the capabilities and reach of all Command Alkon products. The many software solutions that generate data are connected into CONNEX, powered by AWS, allowing data to be used across all constituents that make up the heavy building materials ecosystem. Command Alkon is one of the most prominent software and technology innovators for the construction materials supply chain. “ “

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