CEO Today USA Awards 2021

28 CEO of Command Alkon Company Profile Command Alkon: Unmatched Industry Knowledge, Commitment to Innovation, and Proven Strategy Command Alkon is one of the most prominent software and technology innovators for the construction materials supply chain. Command Alkon’s production and dispatch products, combined with its GPS/telematics and transportation and real time process control capabilities are making the Amazon experience a reality where the clients are provided with end-to-end digital experiences that provide insights into their bottom line. Companies leveraging Command Alkon’s industry-specific product portfolio are gaining double-digit percentage growth in performance. Furthermore, Command Alkon’s solutions promote sustainable construction by enabling users to reduce waste, reduce time spent on non-productive tasks, reuse concrete, and reduce carbon emissions. The company’s financial partner, Thoma Bravo, has a proven track record in guiding supply chain technology providers to becoming the best that they can be. Leveraging this expertise helps Command Alkon to deliver the best possible tools and services to the industry. With Thoma Bravo’s guidance, the company has announced the acquisition of Trimble Construction Logistics, Libra Systems, and Ruckit. These partnerships combine years of industry experience and market-leading technologies that allow Command Alkon to deliver a more comprehensive and integrated toolset to the industry. Phil Ramsey serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Command Alkon. Phil has been in the industry since 1980, serving as a thought leader and innovation-driver, and leading the company to create technology solutions that improve processes and cut costs. He joined Command Alkon in 1991 and has held several positions, including Vice President of Operations, Vice President of International Operations, Vice President of Sales &Marketing, and Senior Vice President of Software BusinessUnit and Sales &Marketing. Phil Ramsey Contact Information ALABAMA

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