CEO Today USA Awards 2021

29 For many years, Command Alkon has focused on helping customers operate and increase efficiencies within their own walls. The company now focuses on helping clients and the industry to grow and to be more productive through technologies and digital tools that equip all players with visibility into their supply chain and supports trading partner collaboration. The industry is forecasted to double the number of buildings globally by 2060. For the next 40 years, the construction industry will essentially be building a New York City every month. However, current practices riddled with complex, manual processes will not meet the need. Eighty percent of construction projects are late, while 40% are over budget. Other industries like manufacturing and the general US economy have made 2 times 2X gains in the last 20 years, whereas construction has remained flat because only 1.4% of revenues are invested in information technology. As construction in the US is a $1.27 trillion annual business, a very modest 3% productivity gain would translate into an industry-created $40B stimulus package. These unlocked resources could build over 2,500 new elementary schools each year or be invested in other US infrastructure projects like thousands of miles of new 4-lane highway, or tens of thousands of Interstate roads being resurfaced. With an open industry collaboration platform, Command Alkon plans to reinvent the construction industry by bridging the technology gap. The CONNEX Platform is a cloud-based hub leveraging Command Alkon solutions, as well as other software vendors, to facilitate collaboration between partners in the construction materials world, including materials suppliers, haulers, producers, various types of contractors, brokers, DOTs, and more. Command Alkon today has a wide variety of cloud-based and on-premise solutions. Building on these traditional product offerings, the company’s latest CONNEX platform expands the capabilities and reach of all Command Alkon products. The many software solutions that generate data are connected into CONNEX, powered by AWS, allowing data to be used across all constituents that make up the heavy building materials ecosystem. Command Alkon is one of the most prominent software and technology innovators for the construction materials supply chain. “ “

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