CEO Today - USA Awards 2022

Terrence Moorehead CEO of Nature’s Sunshine When we last spoke, you talked about how you were looking to reimagine Nature’s Sunshine and its business by way of data and digital tools. How far has that come along since this summer? It has come quite far along, and we have continued to build out our web tools. When building a website, there is a lot of work that has to be done behind the scenes to make sure that it is fast enough, that you have all the keywords and search words, your customer reviews and all your SEO built into it. We have put in a lot of the basic building blocks of getting our website to be more effective and done a lot of work to make the user interface more effective. We have also continued to work on our customer acquisition techniques, looking at what media and which touchpoints work most effectively for us at different points in the year. We are working with some new data partners on that as well. We continue to make progress – and it is a continual process. On top of upgrading your web tools, what challenges have you had to contend with this year? The largest issue is that consumers are having to allocate their dollars to the basics: gasoline, food, etc. People are still very conscious about and focused on their health, but they are making trade-offs between how often and how much they might want to spend on any particular product. What we have to contend with is making certain that Nature’s Sunshine is at the forefront of people’s minds. Just acquiring new customers is harder in this environment. But then we are also having to work harder to retain those customers. We are always doing both of those things, but again, we now have more headwinds in this marketplace. So you have made more stepped-up marketing efforts to keep hold of your strong existing customer base? Absolutely. And it is across every dimension. You just have to be better at every single thing that you do, whether it is your targeting of new people or retargeting old ones, or what you have to talk to them about, or what the offer that you might have with them is at any particular time. You just have to be sharper with everything that you do right now. And of course, your competitors are also stepping up their efforts to keep pace with the current economy. They are. I think the difference that we are seeing with the current competition is that they seem much NATURAL HEALTH & WELLNESS COMPANY OF THE YEAR CEO Today USA Award s 2022 - 7 - - UTAH -

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