CEO Today - USA Awards 2022

CEO Today USA Awards 2022 - 19 - - FEATURED WINNER - Nature’s Sunshine. I talk about having 600 products, and that is fantastic, but if you are coming to the store for the first time, we are obviously not going to lay all of those out in front of you. That would be a bit daunting. But there are a couple of products that really do shine, some of which are already in our portfolio and some of which will be launching in the course of the next 12-18 months. We will spend a lot more time focusing on some of these foundational products that are really good for everyone and everyone’s health. I think the difference with what we do – as in everything that we do – is that the emphasis will be on providing powerful, potent products that deliver tangible results. There are a lot of other companies introducing products in the marketplace who talk excitedly about how they have 70 superfoods inside them... and then you stop and think about it for a second, and you realise how little that means in a teaspoon of product. That is why, when you take some of the competitors’ products, the biggest complaints that consumers have is that they do not feel any different. They do not have any more energy or vitality. That is because there may be 70 ingredients in the product, but they are not at therapeutical levels. When we develop our products, we always ensure that we hit the right levels, and that is a huge difference.

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