CEO Today - USA Awards 2022

CEO Today USA Awards 2022 - 18 - - FEATURED WINNER - personalisation. This is because of the fact that we do the research, testing and manufacturing ourselves. The care we take in building our products is important, but we also have 600 different products; we literally have something for everyone and for every ailment that someone might have. That is why we may be the best equipped company to provide personalised solutions for people and use technology to bring it to them right in their homes. This is something that we have been doing for 50 years; we have just been doing it through our network of thousands of herb shops and tens of thousands of health practitioners and specialty retailers around the country and around the world, providing personalised solutions for people based on their individual needs. Now we are taking that to the next level, incorporating new steps in technology and broadening access to those products on both a national and global scale. So you expect to be building on this personalisation initiative in the coming three to five years? Exactly – and really incorporating it into our DNA. That journey really has reignited our passion in our company, but it has also attracted tens of thousands more consumers to our business over the past 18-24 months or so since we started this work. What else can we expect to see from Nature’s Sunshine and the wider nutrition sector in the coming years? From the serious players in the market, there is going to be a greater emphasis on linking diagnostics to results; looking at what are your personal aids are as defined by some type of diagnostics and then determining a specific response to that. I think that is going to be an increased focus throughout the industry. You are also going to start to see more specialty products. We have such a diverse range of consumers in the marketplace, so there is a vast array of competitors also playing in the space. Consumers also have more information than ever; they can just find things specifically designed for them. You will start to see more specialty products in the market place, so probably some more fragmentation. From us specifically, you are going to start to see a much greater focus on personalisation. If you, a customer, are looking for a particular product regimen or have a particular issue you are trying to address, we can find something specifically for you. And given the range of products we have, it will be just for you. Also, I expect we will be spending a lot more time focusing on our ‘mega brands’ and building out some of them, just to make it easier for people to shop

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