CEO Today USA Awards 2021

Company Profile 23 CEO of Frontier Nanosystems About L. Pierre de Pfeiffer L. Pierre de Rochemont has over 85 U.S. and global patents that define innovative commercial applications of Big Nano and other higher valueproducts enabledbyultra-highperformancematerials. He was born in New York City, NY, where he spent his formative years, before relocating with his family to Montreal, Canada. He earned his B.Sc. (Physics) / M.Eng. (Electrical) degrees from McGill University after successfully completing the Advanced Placement Math & Physics program at Dartmouth College. Along his life path Mr. de Rochemont’s business worldview was shaped by mentors that included: Emmett Murtha, the former IBM Director of Business Development and Licensing, who architected the Sematech semiconductor consortium, worked with Intel Corporation’s founders Andy Grove and Gordon Moore to make the Intel microprocessor the IBM standard, and negotiated the MS DOS license; Mark Melliar-Smith, a former CTO for Lucent/AT&T Bell Labs advised him in 2004/2005 that he “faced very tough sledding ahead” due to the fact U.S. financial institutions had completely shut off capital financing in his field, his counsel transformed Pierre from a technologist into an industrialist keenly focused on developing only technologies that resolved major macroeconomic problems; Keith Moe, the former 3M, Senior Executive Vice President of Operations, Electronics and Telecommunications Group credited with saving 3Mwhen it went into a tailspin in the mid-1990s. About Frontier NanoSystems Frontier NanoSystems proposes to redirect the flow of $1.7trn in global commerce by systematically re-engineering the microelectronics industry for higher End-User value and Producer profitability. The company is commercializing an advanced manufacturing process validated in three U.S. National Laboratories for its ability to produce ultra-high performance materials at commercially viable production rates. This new technology platform enabled Pierre de Rochemont and his team to address functional design limits within every electrical component, electronic system & subsystem and remove major performance limitations responsible for fully commoditizing an industry that touches nearly every human being and forms the backbone of their commercial interactions. Substituting suboptimal materials with optimal physical properties enables Frontier NanoSystems to physically restructure the industry that forms the fabric of commerce. Frontier NanoSystems adapted the core technology to create a new phase of matter it calls Big Nano that endows arbitrarily large material bodies with exotic quantum properties that previously were observable only in materials confined to the imperceptible volume of a nanoparticle. Integrating Big Nano into higher value products enables Frontier NanoSystems to access the quantum realm and restructure industry for higher End-User value and Producer profitability. Big Nano integrated on semiconductor eliminates the need for printed circuit boards, thereby allowing a microelectronic system to operate at the intrinsic speed of its semiconductor chips. Engineering synchronicitybetween intrinsic chip speed and system clock speed is groundbreaking. “This disconnect is the single biggest hindrance affecting production costs and quality constraints that impact End-User operational profits or value,” according to de Rochemont. “Unlocking the bottleneck enables new designs that shrink a computer from the volume of a slot in a server rack to the size of a credit card, while cutting power consumption by orders of magnitude.” During its period of silent running the company shunned public notice. As its technology assets secured public standing, Frontier NanoSystems received unsolicited recognition as a Red Herring Top 100 Most Disruptive Technology Company in North America (2016) and Globally (2016 and 2018), a Young Startups Top 50 Innovator for Clean Tech and Mobility (2017), a Top 20 Semiconductor Solutions Provider by CIO Review (2018), and the 2020 Company of the Year in the field of Nanotechnology by Enterprise Technology Review. L. Pierre de Pfeiffer TEXAS

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