CEO Today USA Awards 2021

20 CEO of Constellis About Terry Ryan Terry Ryan joined Constellis in 2021 as Chief Executive Officer following his tenure as lead director of Constellis. Mr. Ryan has over 20 years of successful executive-level experience in the federal technical services market, including past service as CEO of Adroit Systems, VTG and Tenax Aerospace. He also held senior executive positions at SAIC, Mercury Systems and ManTech International, and he has advised past Directors of the CIA and DARPA on advanced technology issues. Mr. Ryan served many years in the federal government as the Director, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems, Office of Secretary of Defense, Deputy Director, Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office, and as a professional staff member on the United States Senate and House of Representatives Intelligence oversight committees. Mr. Ryan also served the United States as a Marine Corps infantry commander and intelligence officer. Terry joined the Constellis Board of Directors in 2020 and oversaw Constellis’ financial restructure as lead director in March of 2020. Since moving into his new position as CEO in January 2021, Terry has consolidated Constellis’ business units to facilitate faster and more informed business decisions closer to customers and streamline system support across the enterprise. Under Terry’s leadership, Constellis continues to grow the Corporate Social Responsibility efforts within the company, creating an environment that promotes and supports philanthropic efforts and employee volunteerism. Constellis continues its partnership with Cornerstones, a non-profit in Fairfax County, Virginia, that promotes self-sufficiency for those in need of food, shelter, affordable housing and other human services, and theHumane Rescue Alliance, a non-profit that protects animals, supports families, and advocates for positive change to create a world where all animals can thrive. Terry Ryan Contact Information Corporate Headquarters +1 866 349 1506 +1 703 673 5000 +1 844 637 6751 V I RG I N I A

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