CEO Today - USA Awards 2023

CEO Today USA Awards 2023 - FEATURED WINNER - - 16 - Manoj Padhi Founder at Fan’sGlobal dba 4FANZ� “The year 2023 will be remembered as the year when a tiny company - Fan’sGlobal SocialNGN LLC. dba 4FANZ� - came up with a Next Generation Idea of More Human Less Web (MHLW) based services and challenged the No Human Everything Web (NHEW) based Services offered by all BigTech companies.” More Human Less Web (Patent Pending) (MHLW) Services – True Next Generation FANSIAL� Services The year 2023 would be remembered as the year when the Web or App Only services provided by Big Tech companies were challenged by a giant idea that is superior - More Human Less Web – a Next Generation Service Category called FANSIAL� Services by a company Fan’sGlobal SocialNGN LLC dba 4FANZ (For Fans) Background: Today we are equipped with cutting else technologies like AI and BigData Analytics in Cloud and yet closing eyes to problems we face on daily basis. In greed to increase user registrations, Big Tech companies who got millions and billions of users really don’t know how many genuine, bot or fake profiles they have and yet provide services like Facebook Market Place, Twitter (now X) Messaging etc. X might soon provide Everything as a Service to twitter users with lot of fake profiles and bots. The point we are trying to make is – in a real world, when bad guys are caught they are put in jail – what happens when bad guys target us while using the services in internet? Nothing. Let’s discuss a true incident with specifics. We had placed a too good to be true order on Facebook market place – Facebook order number 324255866784894 from a user Ryabb Prieto who had joined in Facebook in 2021. We placed the order trusting the bold claim - “Facebook has you covered”. The item was shipped, tracked but when delivery date came – was never delivered. FedEx won’t share delivery details with buyers who have never received the product, unless the seller authorizes!! A great incentive by FedEx to commit fraud! The seller went in to silence mode because she or he was a fraudster. A claim was made to Facebook and the claim number 5132746416849627 has gone to indefinite review. The claim was opened on 28 September 2023. What is the lesson from the above? Facebook was a web service specifically designed for connecting friends and since there are lot THE NEXT GENERATION OF SERVICES CAN’T BE JUST ONE APP OR WEBSITE

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