Raj Babu

Raj Babu

Raj Babu


Raj Babu Founded Agilisium in 2013 & leads strategic initiatives at Agilisium Consulting Services (ACS).

Raj offers comprehensive experience in supply chain, sales analytics, and retailing. His technical expertise extends to cloud technologies, digital transformation, business intelligence, and data integration.

Raj is an engineering graduate of the University of Madras, with 23 years of experience in technology, he has a long track record of success and has established himself as a very astute solution provider in data, digital technology, talent strategy, and innovation.


Agilisium Consulting is a leading provider of Advanced Data Analytics and Generative AI solutions. Our main focus is on architecting and developing data-driven innovation techniques that will increasingly drive organization's growth, inform decision-making and advance competitive advantage.

We aim to transform a world of data into a world of intelligence and become essential to our customers by providing differentiated products and services to help them achieve their aspirations in the world of Data. We help customers achieve Data Transformation in crucial data management processes that include data integration, data migration, data warehousing and data preparation.


With over 40 years of combined experience in the Life Sciences & Pharma, Media & Entertainment and Gaming & Gambling industries, our services are tailored to set you on the path of operational excellence and holistic growth. We transform organizations of every scale and size with robust cloud ecosystems - moving IT infrastructure, applications and processes.

Cloud transformation
Agilisium's AWS-certified cloud architects can help you reduce downtimes, increase agility and boost your ability to innovate with effective cloud mitigation.

Data Engineering
Our data engineering guarantees quick querying, allowing businesses to unleash the full potential of big data solutions.

Data Analytics and BI
With Agilisium's business intelligence solutions, understanding shopper behaviour has never been easier.

AI & Machine Learning
AI and Machine Learning services, when combined with Agilisium's cloud solutions, can improve customer experience, optimize your resources and help you make better decisions

This is a high-end delivery model designed to improve application development, saving time and money by automating deployment.

Application Modernization
Application modernization is simply upgrading exisiting application with cutting-edge computing. Increase your productivity by migrating your entire underlying infrastructure to the cloud seamlessly with Agilisium.

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