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Jonathan Coors

Jonathan Coors


Jonathan Coors is the chief executive officer of CoorsTek, Inc. He joined CoorsTek in 2005 and has held multiple leadership roles across the Company prior to being appointed CEO, including CEO/president of the Medical and Semiconductor team and Plant Manager with the CoorsTek Armor Solutions division. Prior to CoorsTek, Jonathan worked for the Office of the Governor for the State of California under Arnold Schwarzenegger in various operations and campaign roles.

Jonathan is passionate about
translating the Company's strategy into practical ways to grow the business in alignment with customer needs. With more than 4800 team members across 40 locations world-wide, he enjoys the challenge of integrating various corporate cultures and new ways of thinking and working into the fifth-generation family business. As an active member of the local Denver chapter of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), he values the importance of connecting and partnering to elevate family owned and operated businesses.

Jonathan holds a bachelor's degree in political science from Pepperdine University, and a master's degree in business administration from the University of Denver. He and his wife Erin live in Colorado with their children and in his free time he enjoys adventure racing and teaching his five boys how to fly fish.

Founded in 1910, CoorsTek is a leading global manufacturer of technical ceramics. With over 400 proprietary technical ceramic material formulations, leading process capabilities, and over 5,000 employees at our manufacturing, sales, and research facilities around the world, we serve a wide variety of essential industries by creating new materials and technologies to meet our customers' most demanding challenges. Our success is achieved by closely collaborating with our customers through component design to material selection to using the most efficient manufacturing process to achieve their business goals. Today our company is led by the fifth generation of Coors family members. The company has thrived under the generational leadership that has overseen the technical ceramics revolution from early porcelain labware to today's technology-enabling components.

The heart of every great company is an enduring culture built on the foundation of strong values. Our company values reflect the family values that have carried through the generations. and serve as a cornerstone of the company's legacy. Our team understands and reflects an inclusive culture yet represents diversity of thought tied to our values.

For 110 years, industry leaders have turned to CoorsTek for solutions to the world's most perplexing engineering and manufacturing challenges across a wide variety of industries and applications. We meet these challenges with unsurpassed expertise in materials engineering, broad research & development capabilities, operational excellence, and a commitment to building reliable, collaborative relationships.

Since the early 1900s, CoorsTek has continually refined the processes and methods necessary for both the design and manufacturing of technical ceramics. As our company has grown and expanded to new locations around the world, so has our expertise. It's in our DNA.

Using the right methods and processes for manufacturing high-quality technical ceramic components is as essential as choosing the correct ceramic material to meet the needs of the application. Advanced material processing through to forming, firing, and finishing requires a high-level of control and expertise that can only be provided by a manufacturer with deep knowledge and understanding of the entire production cycle.

Because these methods and processes are so critical to achieving the properties and tolerances required by a component design, CoorsTek considers and selects the ideal combinations for each project. Processes are selected because they are the best options for a given applicationÑnot because we are limited by capabilities.

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