Eddie Capel

Eddie Capel

Eddie Capel

Manhattan Associates

Eddie Capel serves as Manhattan Associates' president and chief executive officer and is a member of the board of directors. Mr. Capel helped lead the company as president and chief operating officer prior to transitioning into his current role in January 2013. Before that, Mr. Capel served as executive vice president and chief operating officer. Mr. Capel brings more than 20 years of experience in overseeing supply chain organization strategy and operations.

Prior to joining Manhattan Associates in June 2000, Mr. Capel held various positions at Real Time Solutions (RTS), including chief operations officer and vice president, operations, where he led teams that supported the supply chain strategies of companies such as Walmart, Amazon.com, and J.C. Penney. He also served as director, operations, with Unarco Automation, an Industrial Automation/Robotics systems integrator. Prior to joining Unarco, Mr. Capel worked as a project manager and system designer for ABB Robotics in the United Kingdom.


At Manhattan, we provide more than just supply chain solutions. We are a team of experienced industry experts dedicated to equipping our partners with the tools needed to navigate the supply chain commerce world effectively. That journey is made possible through our advanced cloud-native technology and collaborating with our partners.

We maximize warehouse efficiency so that global leaders can provide essential products to those in need. We get time-sensitive items to their desired locations faster. We orchestrate orders smarter. We unify omnichannel experiences. We connect and innovate every aspect of the supply chain. All working symbiotically toward one common goal: To move life and commerce forward.

In 1990, five technology experts were hired by clothing retailer Jockey as part of a larger project to install an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. While working together, the five noticed gaps in Jockey's ability to ship its goods to larger retailers.

They decided to start their own company and designed a new packaged Warehouse Management System (WMS) that would empower manufacturers to comply with the complex shipping and labeling requirements of large retailers. Perhaps most importantly, this WMS would also be upgradeable, with access to constant innovation that adapted to its customer's present and future supply chain needs. They named their new company Manhattan Associates, a reference to their initial location in Manhattan Beach, California.

Today, our solutions do more than optimize the warehouse. We offer innovative and market-leading technology that manages transportation networks, order fulfillment, inventory optimization, and point of sale and store solutions. All of our solutions are now available on our advanced cloud-native Manhattan Active Platform, which is continuously adaptive, always current, and seamlessly interconnected. For over 30 years, our solutions have changed with supply chain world needs, and our commitment to supply chain innovation has always been and will always remain constant.

A publicly traded company (Nasdaq: MANH), Manhattan has remained debt-free since its founding in 1990 and has over 4,000 associates worldwide. We continually invest in leveraging the latest technologiesÑAI, cloud-native design, machine learning, microservices architecture, and roboticsÑfor our software solutions.

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