Interview with Dennis Postema

Please tell us a little about your magazines.

When you have spoken to enough entrepreneurs, one lesson you quickly learn is that every business owner — no matter their industry, revenue, or level of expertise — has both triumphs and failures. They have areas they struggle with and areas they excel in— but maybe they do not know how to direct that success in a professionally beneficial way. SHOTCALLERS gives readers an up-close and personal glimpse at the grit, perseverance and humility that makes an entrepreneur successful. It also provides articles to help business owners and professionals better market, manage employees, create content, deal with customers and build their business.

My second magazine, 2Inspire, is driven by my personal battles with tragedies and health issues that I have overcome to maintain my fitness and become a certified personal trainer and health coach. I am in a unique position to truly understand the effort that goes into fitness and the struggles that many people face daily. It does not matter where you are on your fitness journey, whether your goal is weight loss, reducing run time, increasing strength, or making exercise a regular part of your routine. 2Inspire delivers the most up-to-date, motivational, and exciting fitness and health information to readers of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Each month, it features actionable tips, education, and inspiration for those who are just getting started on their fitness journey and those who are farther down the path of physical wellness.


With two already-popular magazines, what made you decide to expand into television networks?

Throughout this pandemic, study after study has found 50% or more of participants reporting increased feelings of loneliness. As much as the pandemic closed off some of our opportunities to see friends and loved ones, I found that it actually pushed me to find other ways to make connections. In doing so, I met so many new people and tapped into an incredible wealth of positivity. It was so exciting, I almost felt guilty because every day I met all these inspirational people who were just amazing and I came home completely fulfilled. I would talk to all these entrepreneurs and become a part of all the positive impacts they were making and think, “Sure, I was able to go out and find this. But can everyone? What if they did not have to?”

I feel like there is such a positive shift right now in people being receptive to and seeking out motivational resources in different mediums. With television, you get to invite these motivational, smart, creative people into your home. The networks give viewers total control to get information at their pace and ensure a positive message and mentorship are delivered directly to them.


You mention mentorship— is that what you see as the purpose of the magazines and networks?

I do! I started in business at age 20 and advanced very quickly because I had great mentors. I was so young, I had no idea what I was doing, and one of my mentors helped me understand that I needed to set goalposts for where I wanted to end up. He helped me to consistently get out of my comfort zone and pushed me to keep reaching my goals. But when I had eventually risen to his level, I knew it was time to get a mentor who had done even more. But how do you do that? If your goal is to be the next Steve Jobs, you need to be mentored by Steve Jobs. The only practical way to do that is to absorb the information he freely put out there— in interviews, speaking engagements and books – and let that mentor you.

Today, we can all go online and essentially get mentoring from anyone we want simply by consuming the content they put out there. Motivation and Success TV and 2Inspire TV aggregate the content so you can tune into dozens of successful entrepreneurs and fitness experts that are eager to guide you to your next milestone.


What motivated you to branch out into sectors as diverse as accounting, nutrition, retirement services and motivation?

My chosen career is in financial services. I have been servicing clients in the financial sector for almost two decades. Over time, I have learned just how intertwined people’s financial success is with their physical success, attitudes and philosophies. When I experienced my own health problems, I distinctly saw the difference that a positive attitude and a healthy approach to eating and exercising can make— and it makes that difference in everyone’s lives.

I had a client who had inherited acres of land worth millions several years ago. Today, he looks 15 years older than he should. His health is horrible. He is in his fifties and he works for fun. He invests no time or money in his health. He could afford to have a chef prepare the most amazing, healthy meals for him. He could create an extensive home gym and work out every day. He could be living his actual best life, but he does not, and his health and happiness pay the price. Everything in your life is related to your health and attitude. You would not ignore your business and expect to get the most out of it, and you cannot ignore your health or attitude and expect to get the most out of life.


What are the greatest challenges you’ve faced while establishing the networks and magazines?

Non-validation. We are all surrounded by people telling us no, that we cannot do it. My challenge was to turn that energy around and use it in the right way to drive me. This is something I have to do constantly in my life. Every time I have surgery and the doctor says, “You cannot work out for a few weeks or months,” that is when I want to work out the most. Something in my mind just clicks and I think, “Oh yes, I can!” When I created the magazines and the networks, I simply decided what I wanted to do and then ignored any naysayers and started focusing on that straight line to go get what I’d set my mind on.


What common themes have you noticed in the advice given in all of this motivational content, whether it is personal, business or fitness?

There are a few things. First, if you are not growing, you are dying. That is true in every aspect. Even with my own coaching clients, I am always asking, “What have you done this week to get out of your comfort zone?” If the answer is nothing, that means they are staying the same person as they were.

Another common theme is that you have to decide what works for you. You know, I have written books on keto, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and other fitness topics. I have touched on vegetarianism and so much more, rather than focusing entirely on one way of eating. I do this because not everyone has the same experience or results when doing one specific diet. And if you have ever seen someone go through health issues, you know that they have to figure out their unique way to get the results they want. It is all about trying different things and finding motivating approaches that work for you— in all areas of your life. Whether you want to improve your performance, relationships, business, or wealth, you need a customised approach that works for you.

The third common theme is to put a plan together and stick to it. No matter what the plan is, it is all about consistency. If I want to get a workout in, I have to go in the mornings before work. I know that because that is what works for me. But once I discovered that, it was vital that I put a plan in place to consistently go in the morning. So I have my workout gear right next to the bed, I get up early and I automatically get dressed and go straight to the gym.
How do you balance it all?

Being a hard worker and having endless drive can be both a blessing and a curse if you do not balance it with living a happy and fulfilling life. People always say they want to be successful and have this crazy upward professional trajectory, but they find that managing everything trips them up. It is really about being present in this limitless world.

A few years ago, my wife and I went on vacation to Disney and I lost my phone. Disney has a rule that if you lose something and do not get it back within three days, just forget it. This is tough when the loss is your cell phone, which I am always using (vacation or not) to check work emails and texts. So I had my wife send texts from her phone to the office and others saying, “If you need anything, text me.” For the rest of the trip, I had no cell phone in my hand. It had been a long time since I hadn’t had my cell phone within reach, so it was a revelatory experience. Dinner was different, the shuttle ride was different, everything changed. I noticed my surroundings, had more face-to-face conversations and was way more present—and nothing in my career suffered. So being present— taking time for your friends and family and yourself— none of that is going to stop your goals from being realised. It is not even so much about balancing these things as it is about trusting the universe to provide everything you need.

In the motivational speaking space, one of our primary goals is to teach people that we really do live in a limitless world and to help them understand that they literally have no idea what they are ultimately capable of. In order to deliver that message, we have to first believe it. So I do not ask myself “how” I am going to manage something. I simply know that I can and then get moving!

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