Christian J. Agulles

Christian J. Agulles

Christian J. Agulles

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For over 30 years, Christian has led teams in the design of innovative building systems for a broad range of complex building types including sports arenas, a U.S. Embassy, LEED Gold and Platinum corporate headquarters, high rise mixed-use buildings, and affordable housing. Agulles began his career in New York City and has expertise leading offices in major markets such as Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco.

With a passion for supporting his community, he leads the pro bono work that PAE provides through their partnership with Dignity Moves, an innovative nonprofit organization that uses California's emergency building codes to build interim supportive housing communities on vacant land or parking lots for people experiencing homelessness.

He currently serves as the President and CEO of PAE, where he focuses on mentoring future leaders and bringing regenerative design concepts to all of PAEÕs projects.

PAE provides mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design services as well as technology and lighting design for projects from high-tech laboratories and aviation concourses to high-rise commercial buildings and cultural landmarks.

We offer services that help discern the best path for sustainable project and financial goals while meeting client objectives using building performance analysis, net zero strategies, district planning, and greenhouse gas consulting.

Versed in certifications like Passive House, Living Building, LEED, WELL, and Architecture 2030, we focus on moving the industry toward 500-year solutions, prioritizing client relationships and our quality of work in everything we do.

With a collaborative drive and an eye on solutions, we work on projects that are regenerative and with people that are transformative.

PAEÕs projects touch on every aspect of a building's lifespan, from idea to opening. We set ambitious goals backed by analysis to conserve water and reach high energy efficiency all while balancing costs and long-term operational needs.

We work together with architects, building owners, developers, and more to ensure that projects get done right the first time - on schedule and on budget.
Innovation at PAE
Ideas have the capacity to be a catalyst to disrupt the routine and create new paths. Imagining solutions takes time, incubation, and dedication within a culture of support.

PAE is committed to creating a framework for ideas to grow, connecting more ideas to more people, and learning to better care for and germinate ideas.

The Innovation Group was created to help nurture and support a culture of innovation, where we intentionally identify and help remove barriers to innovation, then support the development of the ideas being generated. The group continually looks for better ways to help everyone at PAE be curious, collaborate, and follow through on developing the ideas with the greatest potential.

We're tackling incremental improvements that adjust processes, evolutionary changes that impact the way we design buildings, and even revolutionary ideas that can disrupt the whole industry.

Innovation in our Projects

Our high-performing building designs demand engineers to be innovative and solution oriented as they look beyond code requirements. Explore our Living Buildings, All-Electric projects, Net Zero projects, and more.

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