CEO Today - USA Awards 2022

CEO Today USA Award s 2022 - 77 - - TEXAS - Currux Vision builds autonomous AI systems for smart infrastructure. We help cities, DoTs, government agencies and infrastructure developers to monitor, optimize and monetize complex infrastructure projects. Our systems work both locally, at the edge and in the cloud, and we utilize existing CCTV, traffic controller and sensor infrastructure. OUR PRODUCTS SmartCity & Intelligent Transportation Systems Currux Vision systems open unprecedented opportunities for monitoring and controlling complex infrastructure using the power of AI. By collecting information about dangerous behaviors Currux Vision allows operators to dispatch enforcement resources to where they are needed the most or even to use Currux Vision systems for automated enforcement. Our software autonomously operates PTZ camera controls, and can independently take action including area scans, data collection, and sign, alarm, gate, door, and rocket launcher activation. Smart Location & Safety Platform Currux Vision automates space management and automatically calculates the distance between all visible people and generates analytic reports, and real time alerts for social distancing management. It also calculates the waiting time for each visible person the system acquires and tracks. Shops, restaurants and transit systems can get real time, perfect insights into their customers’ wait times. Our system can automatically detect certain behaviors of interest and alert in real time. For example we can detect an incapacitated human and send a real time alert. Autonomous Law Enforcement Currux Vision brings cutting edge AI capabilities to automated traffic law enforcement. We utilize existing video camera infrastructure and combine multiple skills under one platform that is easy to deploy, use and maintain. The system can detect speed violations, red light violations, crosswalk violations, Illegal Parking and wrong way drivers. Alexander is passionate about building and investing in innovative companies, and products at the nexus of energy, technology and mobility. Companies that he founded includeoilfieldenergy services in Oklahoma and Texas; AI-based autonomous platform for smart cities and transport infrastructure; and software-centric fleet leasing and management platform for connected, autonomous, electric, and on-demand mobility. As an investment banker, Alexander advised energy companies on $20 billion of M&A and $60 billion of capital markets transactions globally. Alexander Colosivschi Founder of CURRUX Vision AI TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER OF THE YEAR

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