CEO Today - USA Awards 2022

CEO Today USA Award s 2022 - 13 - How have you seen the payment industry change since founding Merchant Lynx Services in 1994? There have been many changes in the payment industry since I founded Merchant Lynx Services over 28 years ago. One of the big changes is the way credit card companies charge fees. It used to be that there was only one fee, whereas now interchange is assessed, and other unconventional fee structures have also come about. What impact has this had on your approach to leading your company? Merchant Lynx Services used to be a sales office and grew into a sales company or ISO (Independent Sales Organisation). Now the company is a full-service ISO, acquiring portfolios as often as possible to expand our base. If you had to pick one of your career successes that you are especially proud of having achieved, what would it be? Being able to expand our business while keeping the same central employees together for so many years is very exciting and important to the foundation of our success. Long-term employees such as Vic Fattore, EVP, Gena Bickham, agent relations director and Jessie Stavovy, Agent Relations Manager, all of whom have been with Merchant Lynx Services for a long time, are the true leaders of the company. Is there a creed, motto or philosophy that motivates you to achieve the best possible results for your employees and customers? “Never give up, never give in!” Can you share anything about exciting company projects for 2023 that you are currently working on? Merchant Lynx Services will continue to work toward becoming one of the largest acquirers in the industry by introducing new payment acceptance methods and technology and providing world-class service. The company projects $48 million in revenue for the 2022 fiscal year. Looking towards 2023 and beyond, what does the future hold for Merchant Lynx? 2023 is very exciting for us. We plan on introducing new forms of payment acceptance, acquiring more portfolios and being one of the largest full-service ISOs in the industry. What does it mean to you to be recognised as the Payment Solutions Leader of the Year? Winning this award means everything to me. It is recognition that Merchant Lynx Services is doing things right and moving in a positive direction. The award is as much about how great the team and employees of Merchant Lynx Services are and how our company achieves its goals each year. That is very exciting. On a personal note, it is wonderful to have my two kids, Shane and Travis Kucyk, working at Merchant Lynx Services daily, contributing to the success of the company. My wife Cynthia and I are very proud of where the company is today, and we are excited about our future. - FLORIDA -

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